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Monday, September 19, 2011

I first want to start by saying I am sorry to those who subscribe has it has been a couple of weeks since the last post.I have had so life issues to deal with and came down with a sinus infection so bad I am on antibiotics for a month...uugghhh...So on with the post.

So We have this canvas and we have emotion.We in most cases lose common sense when our emotion over rides our intelligence.So as we start this painting on this canvas we paint,paint,paint....Some times neglecting to see the way the brush is acting or the way the canvas is taking to the brush.We in opinion neglect to see this cause we want to paint......

So there is my analogy and I am just going to write this without the analogy as I realized I dont want anyone getting lost.Now we as people may make decisions based on emotion.Because these decisions are based on emotion we neglect to keep in mind that there is more involved than what we may think,feel,or see.I personally am in a situation where I cannot see my daughter because her mother rather it be that way.And I can go to court and many other things to achieve desired results.But I personally am thinking about approaching it differently because I have to remember no matter how much I love my daughter or no matter how right I think a situation may be her and her mothers feelings have to be taken into accountability.As much as I DO NOT agree with the mother well I have to think about how it will affect my daughter!

The basis to this post is basically before you make a decision in life of any nature.A judgement call of any kind.Remember you are not the only part of the equation.And when are emotions get the best of us we tend as humans to start thinking selfishly.Now when I use the word selfish I mean in the context of expecting what we think is owed to us and trying to achieve it by any means necessary.By doing this we may affect the other parties in any given situation negatively or abrasively.This in my opinion is not the right way and where our emotions drove our common sense into the not so common realm.When your emotions over ride your intelligence in any given situation that can get us into trouble or run us into a stumbling block that if we would have just thought about every provided outcome may have been avoided.So when faced with troubles,decisions,or something that needs approached ....THINK....Think from all perspectives.And keep in mind that if you act on impulse as strong as it may be well be prepared for any outcome as though you really did not think it through.And when it comes to my situation where it involves a child remember your dealing with delicacy and children innocence and that should not be jarred by the selfishness of anyone including either parent.This post is a little off my normal subject and for this I am sorry.There is just alot going on right now.The blogs will be coming back in on a regular now that I am getting over this sinus infection and the troubles going on...Please give some feedback on issues you would like blogged about.Thats what it is here for.The people.And again please excuse my absence and I am glad to be back.Thank you all for the time you have taken to read

Sincerely Chritopher Raab a.k.a artisticneurosis    

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