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Saturday, August 27, 2011


: A place or state of punishment wherein.So lets take the religious symbolism out of this scenario.So a state of death leading to a purification.To me this could be the stop of one thing and beginning to another.Very much like my story of getting sober and picking up art!Now on to the punishment wherein....I myself am plagued by anxiety attacks due to the damage I had put my body through.So I can relate to the definition so to speak of the word purgatory.Now I have heard many testimonies,stories,experiences,and so on about what individuals of many walks of life have been through and I (and this is only an opinion) but I have found a combination of communality in 99.9% of stories.This metaphorical purgatory.This transition from point A to point B.If they were positive or negative in outcome is different from story to story but there always seems to be this line where a individuals thought processes and or way of life change.This death turned purification so to speak.And I use both the word death and purification lightly.Only cause any change that may take place is open to interpretation by the individuals themselves and the people they surround themselves with.Another communality seems to be struggle.If it be large or small (again only an opinion) but there is usually an internal and or external struggle before or within this change or purification so to speak.So back to the case at hand in a state of progress there will always be your so called purgatory's and in a state of progress there is always the death of one thing and the birth of another.Embrace these deaths and births.Embrace this change as it occurs as it allows us as individuals be who we are or may be becoming.The purgatory so to speak in itself is the development stages of what may be ahead.Therefor do not let this get you down.It will not last forever and in its own right it is a means to an end or means to a change.When faced with trials and tribulations or even hard times try to smile and continue on.It is all a part of the process some see more some see less but in my opinion we all see hard times.Make the best out of it.Enjoy smile and remember tomorrow is not a given do what you can today!


  1. As a young girl I remember my aunt commenting that she believed we were all currently in purgatory. I remember just feeling that this was a commentary on how horrible life can be, as if it's a punishment for past sins. Certainly I sometimes comment when life seems particularly rotten, "what did I do in a past life to deserve this?" Your blog has reminded me though, that in the end all souls in purgatory eventually will go to heaven. :-)

  2. Purgatory is a bit of an enigma...more so for some than for others. You wrote a very thoughtful insight on the concept/belief.
    I would add that purgatory is also a coming to grips with one's own conscience.