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Monday, October 17, 2011

seasons in life

Life like art has seasons.A time to paint and a time where you just aren't feeling it.In these seasons I myself wonder why me?Why must it hit now?Like the cliche when it rains it pours.Well life is funny like that.Here is a perspective did you ever notice crying looks like laughing if there was no sound!These emotional or physical seasons come regardless of our actions.These seasons make us who we are.There would be no happiness without being there for a rough spot or two.

When faced with change or a season embrace it.Now it may not be easy nor may it feel like the right thing to do but,unless you can do something to change it well.......Embrace what makes us stronger.Embrace what makes us individuals.These seasons so to speak are just like a natural season like spring or fall they only last so long.And as much as it may seem like eternity while dealing with it remember that it will eventually evolve into something else.I am in a season.Yes I still have my stable points my sobriety,apartment,so on and so on but I personally have not painted in about a month.For those who truly know me well this is an oddity for me.But,it was a season and the transformation or evolution just had to take place.

Being born Feb. of 1981 am like alot of us 80's children.We want everything yesterday.Most of us would like to get from point A to point B  in as little time with the least amount of work involved.Well some of us as we get older realize this is not possible"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary". But, these seasons that everyone reacts to and treats differently help us.These seasons as uncomfortable as they may be teach us our mistakes.When to slow down.When to speed up.What has worked in the past.What has not.These seasons or trials and tribulations in life have a purpose.I personally get frustrated when I cannot go from A to B and wonder why there are stumbling blocks in my path.But I try to understand without having stumbled would I truly appreciate what I have today!?...Without the mishaps and the difficulties well how strong as individuals would be truly be.Very much like art life takes practice.And very much like art you almost never get it perfect.But it is possible to get it to a point of comfort-ability.So when hit with a season in your mind that may seem equivalent to a northeast Ohio winter...Remember this can only exist so long.Prepare,Handle,Brace,and Embrace.Realize there is a possibility this may happen again.And back to another overused cliche.Is the glass half empty or half full?Because in a sense life is what you make of it and how you chose to see it.So if your glass is always half full the seasons seem to me to go by quicker where as when your glass is half empty now your going through troubles and your looking at this half empty glass.It in my opinion would be hard to stay positive that way.So enjoy your days.Prepare the best you can.And life is going to do what it is going to do.Try to handle it the best way you know how and when it feels like its going to overtake you well thats where you learn to better prepare for the next issue...As always smile,embrace,enjoy and get out there and live life 

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