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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

heavy thought

  After some heavy thought today pertaining to the last post. I found myself mentally exhausted.So I have made some simple changes,evaluations,and decisions.Life is too short and after this march art show and these many commissions I am going to crawl under my creative  "rock". Concentrate on the things that mean the most to me in life.Sit back figure out exactly the best way to handle things.Be it my Daughter,Art,Lifestyle,and everything else.

I will be focusing more on writing here.Will be developing a whole new level of imagination and inspiration with the art work.And focusing on making others along with myself have a better state of mind/way of life.As things indeed could always be more encouraging,uplifting,motivating,and just plain out better.As I walked around yesterday in this beautiful weather we have been graced with in January I could only think about what I could do "here".What I could do to help myself and others.Even though I have been doing what I can I believe there is always the potential to go that one step further.The potential to motivate someone or make them smile if even for the moment.That spreading of contagious happiness rather than negativity.

My list of goals is lengthily and I intend to get done done in their own time but as soon as possible also.I am personally tired of the macabre attitudes I myself and others have carried and spread.I am also inspired by the smiles and changes I and others have made thus far.So that being said.It now comes a time when I make life what (I believe) it should be.About be as happy as one can be given the circumstances.Changing the status quo so to speak.

As I leave this blog this wonderful morning I ask you to reflect.I ask you to smile at someone as that may make their whole day.I ask that before you get angry you analyze the situation and think before you speak.I ask you to help the person next to you,to give something to someone that needs it,to do whatever it is you feel you can do to spread the positiveness.As when I am taken from here I would rather know I did what I could even if it was minuscule to make this place better for the people left here.I would hope that maybe through some of your own thought processes you find what it is you would like to do and make it happen.Make your or someone else's dreams come to fruition.That being said have a wonderful morning,day,and night  

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  1. It's me, Cousin. I would like to hear about some of your goals...and I have no doubt you'll achieve them. I'm very proud of you and happy for you! Love,A