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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interesting Question

 Q...How do you handle all the ideas in your head and still take the right amount of time for each?

This question came to me pertaining to art, poetry ,and the many artistic endeavors I take on.

My original answer was:When you LOVE something you find a way to make it work.Like family...You will make a 27 hr plan fit into 16 hrs. cause it is what you love.I have to mention sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes that blessing is a curse.Having ideas you cannot get out (happens quite often) becomes a plague.

As I thought more on this very simple question I found myself confused at my own actions and how I myself accomplish them sometimes, Realizing I never gave thought I just did.I mean there was not a written plan so to speak.Just an idea of where the start was and an idea of where the finish was in my eyes and then it was just a effort to get from point A. to B. trying to achieve the desired results.

So as I sit here thinking of my process I realize I have a process of organized chaos.I mean there is a method to the madness.But it is very much the mad scientist type of work.Papers scattered everywhere.Things written down that 30 days later I may or may not remember.Ideas scattered across my mind just as they are my art desk.Now anyone can look at my art desk and be like how can you find anything but as I sit here typing I have a visual of just about where everything is.
So now I think of the things accomplished just in 2012 so far and the things in the immediate future.I remain perplexed.I have never given it this much thought in one sitting.I have gotten a resolution of support in my city to do murals,I am nearly done with a 4ft. x 8ft mural for Project Hope for the Homeless,Completed a piece for a friend who has fallen ill,Organized with another artist a two person Art show March 17th and 18th,Started a whole new realm of artwork,poetry,and photography.Working on the preliminary drawings for the first mural in my city,In process of commissions that are presents and some that have been waiting,Then already planning more art shows for this year and the possibility of helping troubled youth and addicts in the form of getting them all in one place like a creative workshop.And so much more.The thoughts are still rolling in.Writing it down it seems like so much but,I look at it like its what has to and should be done!

So the ultimate answer is:
I don't know!.....I just do...It takes alot of my time and thought.It is mentally exhausting although most people think being an artist is the easy life.I really just do!And I would like to consider myself  an Artist / Humanitarian.Because what I do extents far beyond me.The LOVE,the devotion,the want to help,the feeling it gives me makes me find the time for it.These things make me find ways to make it happen.But I don't know where the time comes from?I am blessed things that are supposed to happen fall into place and I would like to believe that because I do them for the "right" reasons that that is why I am fortunate enough to continue.I hope this has helped the one whom has asked the question.If not I hope someone can take something from this and use it to encourage them to get out and do what they love.I hope reading this can uplift someone in a similar spot or situation.And I hope to continue as AN ARTIST / HUMANITARIAN AS I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY..........

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