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Monday, August 8, 2011

Art events and a few galleries in northeastern ohio and others......

Lake Shore Artists...Local to Ashtabula an artist guild encouraging the growth in anything artistic.
Ashtabula Arts center.....Gallery,Plays,and everything Creative
Waterloo 7 Gallery... Willoughby Ohio...Showing local artists,owned by sculptor Jerry Schmidt
Misc. Festivals pertaining to art
Geneva Grape Jamboree
Sandpiper gallery
Other misc. Art walks and shows in or near Cleveland Ohio
Misc. Galleries spread in Cleveland Ohio
LOL>>>...A Link to more links and websites pertaining to Ohio arts..
I hope some of this helps anyone up and coming, established,or interested...Will post more as time goes on but the best I could do on a short notice.Thank all of you and I will be posting some paint tutorials on here.Not mine but things that maybe helpful to someone starting out or thinking of starting into starting painting again e-mail me or leave a comment if there is something else you would like to see up here and as always keep creative ,keep motivated, and enjoy C. RAAB

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  1. Hi glad things are looking up for you! Just keep up the good work on here with your testiimonies and hard work. There are addicts out there that are looking to people who have been successful in conquering the demons of addiction!!Continued success!!!