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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping the head up

I have previously deleted the last post.I have hit a roadblock with public art where I reside.I am trying to not let others opinions or in my opinion others narrow-mindedness get to me.It had me there for a minute.I get frustrated when I try to promote healthy ways to improve on arts in places and they are like its graffiti or nope not in our district.It could be a flower or actual graffiti and to them it has no merit whatsoever!So my frustration ensues.I have tried to get the local kids a public wall and everything.I have moved into the fine arts but have not forgotten my roots and these kids need a way to express themselves.I guess I dont understand how the generation before me can be so quick to turn down a beautification of there own city.I am not asking to graffiti things I am just asking to give me,the community and the kids something nice to look at and a place to express ourselves.It can be fine art but let it be art none the less.Every thriving town has a art community where this is accepted even encouraged.And it has proven to stop kids from breaking things and what not.I grew up doing graffiti.I am not saying to let these kids run crazy.I do not promote vandalism.But let a painter pick up a spray can and try to do a mural.Its an art.In fine arts the two major groundings I had were graffiti and tattooing.Both are frowned upon in the fine arts at least where I reside.And everyone is entitled to there own opinion.But when I show in galleries or people look at my art like wow I love it they neglect to see it's roots.Also let the standard artist be it a fine art painter try to tattoo or throw up a graffiti tag.It would be a mess.Although the galleries and community are constantly (trying) to convince me its not art.No WRONG.It is what it is.And back to the case at point for those who read my last post which had been written out of frustration please excuse my actions as I normally dont carry myself that way.And mark my words art is a movement and I am bound and determined to get public arts accepted where I reside.It can only make the place better.How can you have a billboard or mcdonalds everywhere and be battered to death with that imagery and not want to see something more encouraging and uplifting.I had hit a point where this ongoing battle was effecting my painting at home and my attitude towards the cities.But NO I refuse to let people knock me down especially when you enjoy my fine arts.I am still mind blown at how you will love the canvas art but when you ask we where I started and me being me tells you the truth all the sudden my fine arts are not interesting.C'mon...Really....Well again viewers I am trying not to complain which I have but I am frustrated at the lack of acceptance of the arts.We can build monuments,buildings that fall apart,and other things that somebody gives merit.Why can't my functional things not have the same merit?So as a frustrated citizen and a person who loves art I will drop this subject as far as blogging goes for now.You cannot take the art out of the artist.I will provide more encouraging and uplifting posts around the corner had to vent.Sorry and respectfully thank you for your time C. Raab (artisticneurosis)


  1. I would encourage you to keep trying to find a place for the students who love the same art media as you do. My grandson wants to tattoo and it is very difficult to break in on this media, as you say it isn't considered "real art." Please stay strong for all young people who are looking up to you, and as soon as possible I will get my grandson to contact you and try to get things going. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  2. I am keeping the head up and thank you.Tattooing and graffiti should have just as much respect and it gets to me that there frowned upon.They are just has much art as anything else is and they are not easy to do.I am doing a mural this week in the city for a private entity so my spirits are much better.I just know that the kids and my generation alike need to express themselves and I keep hitting roadblocks trying to make this a reality rather than a dream.But all will be well and thank you so much for the feedback