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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have received many emails as to the encouragement passed through the blog.For this I am appreciative of.Many up and comings.Many people in troubled situations looking for the escape so to speak.I also get alot of I cannot draw or do art.I tend to disagree.Much like my last post art does not have to follow a guideline,it does not have to mimic someone else s...It only has to portray or express what you feel.And what you feel like showing when you feel like showing it.There is the old cliche (a picture is worth a thousand words)Remember nobody can tell you how to express your thousand words so to speak.Art can be very functional at getting out what you normally could not voice verbally.I strongly encourage the many that have contacted me and the people who read but may not have to take an old board paint it white let it dry then go to town.It doesnt have to look any certain way.Just paint draw or use a sharpie marker and do what you feel.If it be detailed or scribbled.Realism or abstract.They are your feelings and works and enjoy them.Nobody else has to.There is a sense of reward in others appreciating your art.But for me I am blessed that people can relate to my passion.I love this in its own right but other than my commissioned pieces I paint what I want to.Not what standard America as a whole wants to see.Some embrace it.Some ridicule it.But at the end of the day I got out what dwells deep inside of me.The masses liking them as a whole doesnt really count for much if you didnt enjoy what you were doing.I mean it is a means of income but like any other job that is where love becomes work.Enjoy let it be fun be happy.Express what you feel like expressing.The worse case scenario is you have a bunch of your own art in a room somewhere but again you released the part in you that may not have made it to the surface otherwise.And like life or a mistake or mishap.Grab the boards and go over them again constantly changing them up.At the end of the day accomplish something.Do something productive.Don't worry about what others will think and most of all be free with yourself while doing so.Enjoy and I wish you all the best.Im in need of a back to painting.I hope to hear from some of you.Let me know how it goes.Instill the chill.And keep dreaming.Thanks C . RAAB (artisticneurosis) 

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