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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art and the infamous inkblot theory

Art is like an inkblot.Its perceived in many different ways.An expression that unlike the Rorschach test (inkblot test) doesn't have a standard,rules, or a formalized way of calculating it....Its like finding yourself and who you are as a person.A freedom.Artists of any kind not only gain the gift of art itself an artist gains many things.An understanding of themselves,a freedom to express inner feelings,an outlet to alleviate any negative emotion or thought,a chance to share and interact with others,and they get to establish an emotional connection between the artwork and the viewer.This freedom can be used or abused all at the discretion of  the artist.Art can be executed right down the middle so to speak to appeal to all crowds.Art can be beautiful and elegant it can also be edgy and gritty.Art reminds me of a thing in life often overlooked that I will approach in a second.Now art as a process is always changing.Growing,swelling,regressing,progressing,drying,and it seems to always be in a state of movement.Similar to us as a human species and similar to the brain in any given thought pattern no matter how profound or mundane.So back to this thing I see so often overlooked.A tree in the fall is always considered dying.It is considered to be losing itself!How often is it looked at letting more sunshine hit the ground.How often are the shadows looked at as art themselves but most of all............The fact that when a tree loses its leaves there is a bud in that tree that stays dormant for a period but, there is life waiting to come out right behind what we call dying.This life exists but we cannot see it therefor we tend to ignore that it is right there...Very similar to art and life it has its seasons or its ups and downs.It is though always in a state of movement.It also until death will never stop.Like the Rorschach it is all about how you choose to look at it.A glass being half full or half empty scenario.Thank you all again for taking the time to see life through my eyes.It is much appreciated. 

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