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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Criticism in its lighter and darker shades....

Definition of CRITICISM

a : the act of criticizing usually unfavorably <seeking encouragement rather than criticism> b : a critical observation or remark <an unfair criticism> c : critique 
: the art of evaluating or analyzing works of art or literature; also : writings expressing such evaluation or analysis <an anthology of literary criticism>
: the scientific investigation of literary documents

Criticism in its positive light- We can take criticism like we may take a piece of art work.Embrace it,Enjoy it,or hang it up on a wall and analyze it.We can constructively work with it in such a way that it embraces thought.The key word in this type of criticism is the word constructive.Provided we use it to build up,better ourselves,or gently nudge ourselves or others in a positive direction

Criticism in its negative light- We can also use criticism to downgrade others,bring them down,or use it in a more destructive manner  or method such as a judgment call so to speak.In a negative manner criticism can be used by the one criticizing to maybe hide behind some deeper insecurities.Similar to walking  past a painting and ripping it apart verbally based on a perception of what we may think might be wrong with it.Or maybe something we did not like about it

Now stay with me here........
Would you buy a painting or any piece of art that evoked a negative response within yourself? Would you give someone a piece of art you perceive to be ugly? Also do any two people perceive it in the same light?My firm belief is positivity and negativity are contagious.An epidemic we may consciously or unconsciously spread.We have all been on the receiving end of both kinds of criticism.As I have traversed through life I have noticed that we as a whole seem to spread the negative rather than the positive.Now that is my opinion and mine only.But what if we take this canvas (attitude) and paint (the way we spread it) positively rather than negatively?Letting this epidemic of positivity,evolution of thought and creativity spread like a wild fire.As a whole being a bit more conscious to encouraging and uplifting others?

Just out of curiosity what do you want to be on the receiving end of?!?!? 

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