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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mr. Raab (aka) Artisticneurosis.......The co-exitence !?

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of art or artists
2: showing imaginative skill in arrangement or execution

  \nu̇-ˈrō-səs, nyu̇-\
1:A neurosis, in psychoanalytic theory, is an ineffectual coping strategy that Sigmund Freud suggested was caused by emotions from past experience overwhelming or interfering with present experience.
2: a mental and emotional disorder that affects only part of the personality, is accompanied by a less distorted perception of reality than in a psychosis, does not result in disturbance of the use of language

So first we have Mr.Raab.A meek and kind individual whom seeks knowledge at every turn in life always trying to learn from previous mistakes.A person whom has been given an artistic talent for which he tries to bring others to an understanding of his perception on life.A person who tries to be professional and understanding the type to encourage and uplift people.This man whom against all odds pushes through the trials and tribulations in hopes to reach the sun and blossom like a lotus.A man whom has over 5 years in recovery and has beat the odds that were a way of life for him.The type of guy to make you think and better understand yourself and why we as humans make the decisions we make.The mad scientist type mentality on thinking.The quiet yet opinionated storm.The guy that is trying to be your best friend.A man that has art all around him and see's life through an artists eyes.Where everything has its own beauty no matter how it may look or be perceived by others.Generally speaking a somewhat normal artist if there is such a thing.!?!

Secondly we have Artisticneurosis.A kind of stir up the pot kind of guy.One who when he is told he cannot do something well he makes a mission out of it.A man that hides behind feelings of inadequacy that have plagued him most of his life.One who see's art as a vessel to instill or evoke reaction with an understanding that with artistic freedom people don't have to like or approve.The type of man to go to church in a straight jacket.And yes he has (true story).But either way the person who can watch a person looking at a piece of his art work head all cocked sideways like a confused puppy and be like that art is just crazy and engage in a conversation as though he has no clue who the artist is only waiting to jump in and say hey would you like to meet the artist I think he is here.As they say yes Artisticneurosis gently puts his hand out with a smile on his face like hello and giggles as they walk away confused.Now lets not misunderstand him he in no way wants to be rude or irritating he only loves human nature and the actions therein that make people tick.He is a people watcher.The type that would start a food fight being 30 years old.The man whom only wants to hide behind his defense mechanisms whatever they may be.Sarcasm being one of his strengths

So now they co-exist...A quite interesting batch of chemicals so to speak.Can be volatile in nature depending on circumstances the two seem to be in.So seeing as how they always co-exist there perception may be a little off a times but there co-existence becomes personified into craziness that is one step away if not right on genius at points.One always winning over the other through dominance depending on which one holds the cards at any one given time which I cannot stress enough is always subject to change.Now these two co-existing should not be confused with multiple personalities!The two are completely different like oil and water but shake them together and they mix well.Leave them alone long enough they start to separate from one another till shaken once again.So when you put the two in the same room well.......Be prepared because well I deal with both of them daily and I still don't understand them.You may meet  the meek understanding person or the sarcastic yet meek person who understands your only human and will play with you just enough for you to walk away and be like what the hell just happened so interested yet to skeptical to turn around and confront them again cause as you look back they are just smiling and looking at you like you are crazy.The co-existence is a match made in heaven an orchestration for which the best psychologist would be left only to have wasted an hour they will never get back.Ears smoking again only to wonder what just happened.The co-existence is nothing to fear though people.They are simply just artist's in every sense of the word from artistic knowledge to artistic points of view and sight also stand firm in artistic freedom .They want nothing more to co-exist with the rest of humanity but,When your different well you are just different.But I stress unless you are looking for trouble, The two together are as harmless as oil and water.But they both appreciate your interest in there inner workings.

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