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Friday, May 20, 2011

This canvas we paint (life choices)

 Life, this canvas We decide to paint is a crazy one.Organized chaos with moments of complete bliss.This canvas (life) just sits there leaving itself open for us to do everything or nothing with it.This canvas may have been primed with low grade primer for which we should not complain for it only provides more motivation on the painting for which we paint later.As we first pick up a brush we may be scared of this canvas!Being reluctant to even apply paint to such a problematic canvas.Almost as an excuse not to paint (progress), thinking well it was low grade canvas to begin with do we really want to invest time in painting it?These thoughts may plague us.As we start painting this canvas we may begin to realize this is going take much more work than assumed!Layer after layer this canvas may become a mess.Colors seeming not to meld how we are shown?But are we using two completely different kinds of paint.The canvas cannot handle it.As we may watch this canvas bow out.This canvas is screaming for help.Bent,No color theory,Torn,Cracked,and yet as much as we may think, is not beyond repair.The paint was just an applied layer on top that really stressed the canvas but in the same sense had no bearing on the canvas provided we are willing to do the work to change it.So then comes the thing I like to call the mid-life crisis of our canvas where just as we may be ready to break this thing over our knees and give up.Just when this canvas cannot look an uglier.We may have to make a change and take sandpaper to it.....Whoa back down to straight canvas what a beautiful sight!Now we can apply proper primer and provided motivation we may do so.Still very skeptical to apply paint some of us may stare at this white almost blinding canvas for what seems like forever.We may feel the love for which we want to apply but know applying it as we see it in our heads was going to be no easy task.But also realizing the longer we take to ponder and look at this canvas the longer it would be before this thing would blossom into the masterpiece we think it could be.As we may or may not sit in a blank stare something just clicks and the brush seems to become one with the canvas.The two seem to co-exist.Then comes the realization as much as we may be focusing on the canvas the prep work was important to the finished product but,The paint would also have a dramatic effect on this canvas which will always be under the paint regardless of how many layers we apply.......So here is the point where our canvas's (life) take on a life of their own and with a little more love on our parts the paint can be applied how it should.So now the hard work we begin meticulously applying paint layer by layer being careful that the canvas is the foundation and that the paint was representing the love,devotion,motivation,the feelings so deep inside only paint and canvas could describe.Feelings at times so hard to swallow.Feelings inside that no emotion could express just the way it was felt.Layer after layer like watching a child grow this canvas takes on its own life for lack of a better word.This canvas was starting to not really go the way we may have portrayed in our heads but in the same sense this route it may take is like nothing we could have thought it was capable of doing......So here we are mid painting.We think we have taken this canvas in a direction bound for greatness but only time will tell?!As long as this canvas is the foundation and the paint strokes are done with the utmost care love and devotion always thinking of the end result and understanding the painting is subject to change at any time well then I guess as far as this canvas (life) goes We in our decisions have done right by it.....So as the paint is applied and dries and as long as we are comfortable looking at this canvas for the rest of our time well IT IS WHAT IT IS..............Just a random thought not to speak on anyone's behalf just an opinion that may or may not apply to many.

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  1. I love you like a brother man, but I must say I'll be confused for at least a week now.