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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The beauty of a flower

The beauty of a flower is a perception I watch take shape.As masculine males sometimes say that appreciating the beauty of a flower is feminine.I am not saying this pertains to all males but I watch some males become skiddish is pointing out that something society may call feminine is beautiful.I personally look at flowers and see a beauty that is sometimes so hard to recreate in painting.This natural thing that takes on life and blossoms into this magnificent piece of artwork all on its own.The color the shape the many things so often overlooked.Much like an insect in the sense of I can paint an insect and I will get a different reaction be it a caterpillar or a beetle.Is the insect in itself more masculine or feminine then the flower?A man may appreciate a cool looking bug a women may embrace it or run but,what is the difference between the flower and the bug as far as masculinity goes?The flower and the bug co-exist in real life.Is there a line?Is one more feminine then the other.Also I am only making these statements being that a person passes these subjects daily.How do they recognize them.Do they see beauty.Does it automatically get categorized as feminine or masculine?Or does it get overlooked all together?Does it get appreciated?The next time you walk through the woods or walk down a path or even through the city.....STOP take a look around.How are you perceiving things?It all becomes a beauty in its own rite I suppose...Depending on how you choose to see it....


  1. I think flowers look pretty cool. Look closely at one sometime.

  2. Paul, I personally love flowers regardless of how they are looked at be it masculine or feminine.I appreciate the art provided naturally all day long.Thanks for reading and enjoy man.Glad to see it spark interest in the minds of others