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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Imagery Imagination Influence

We as children start out with this wonderful perception.This child like innocence so to speak.This belief structure which is based on how we imagine it and is very open to suggestion.We see things like art.Now a piece of art mat evoke reaction or emotion thus changing the way you looked at something if even for a moment.Art in itself being a form of imagery or a sense of the body, has the capability of completely changing one's mind.As an artist I can look at wood grain and see faces in the grain or a way I may want to carve a particular piece of wood.A dancer or musician may hear sound and the urge to move or create may happen.This imagery especially as a child is even more influencing and as a child we are more susceptible.As adults we are overloaded with imagery of all kinds all the time.It may be visual it may not be but it is in a constant state of fluctuation and is happening at almost every given moment.These circumstances may change how we view or react in life very much.This constant battering of imagery is taking its toll.It may be positive it may be negative.That in itself is left in the eye of the beholder.This imagery can influence our imagination also if it be a help or a hinder it is almost always an influence.Imagery in some rights makes people what they are.If you watch the same type of shows all day long and you end up in a casual conversation with friends this imagery will most likely find its way into the conversation.If you happen to be particular to one artist or one style of art this may also become the main key to decorating in your living area.The icons,images,and many things we see everyday may have more of an influence than we think.I saw a child the other day so happy to just be doing whatever it was they were doing.And leave it to something shiny or something with lights to catch their attention.I thought how nice it must be to be so easily amused but,We are....So maybe it wasn't something shiny.Maybe it was(laughing).But we as adults fall victim to the same types of imagery just on an adult standpoint and perspective.Example:You drive past a mcdonalds and you may think wow I am kind of hungry.Now if you want the mcdonalds itself is irrelevant.What if it would have been 10 more mins. before you passed something with food displayed on it?What if you didn't see the imagery whatever that may have been maybe you wouldn't have realized you were hungry right then?We again being battered constantly with imagery have become almost oblivious to the fact that we think about something before we even recognize what put the thought in our head to begin with.This overflow of imagery leaves me with a bunch of questions.Is this (imagery)messing with our imagination?Is it adding or subtracting from our imagination and if so is it positive or negative?Do we realize that the imagery has taken its toll before the imagery has already made us do something subconsciously?Now imagery is like an attitude or a fad it's kind of contagious so are we spreading imagery ourselves without even realizing it?The influence is strong.I personally believe it is done on purpose but,that is just an opinion.There is actually a psychological way to paint things to make people look at or like something they would have never spent time pondering on.Is that tricky?Is it positive?Is it negative?How often is it really being done?What happened to the child like innocence that allowed us to have are (own) un-influenced thoughts so to speak.I look at a child and think the mind state isn't full of the clutter,the worries,the negativity and the many other things that come through imagery.A child's imagination is bar none phenomenal in the sense they can imagine something so vividly in their mind it actually exists.The pessimism that we as adults have from time to time as a child isn't even a concern.So we as people in ourselves are walking paintings or billboards.We ourselves are imagery to others.We need to take the positive reaction to imagery being that we can influence or motivate others in positive light and well.....Be that imagery.Spread that contagious imagery as though the person influenced may do the same.We also can have that child like innocence if we choose!!!There is a time and a place for everything but,you can still be aware and have the ability to take things in stride.And this again is my opinion but,when others see your imagery be it smiling all day,optimism,goals being reached,and taking life very seriously but having a sense of well being humor and caring at the same time then those people receiving your imagery or billboard so to speak will consciously or unconsciously pass it on...But if the whole conundrum is going to exist anyways regardless well make the best of it.  

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