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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In life and most artistic expression.We as a whole can find ourselves and the things we choose to do so easily misunderstood.As a human I know one thing I appreciate and rarely receive is understanding.If it be that a person doesn't look into it as far as I do or that life in its own ways forms these misunderstandings.I feel we all have a natural want to be understood.To have someone understand that there is a true meaning behind the things we do.These misunderstandings may cause confusion,conflict,or may simply go un-noticed but none the less still misunderstood.Perception seems more often than not to create this chaos. Take a book or a piece of art for instance.These things are created by a artist to portray a story,feeling,or emotion.Although the person reading the book or viewing the art may see the story or the painting differently than the person who created it.They may feel different emotions due to that persons life.Now the best part is that even if it means something different it still materializes itself inside the person receiving it.Does that mean that it was misunderstood though seeing as how it was not portrayed the way the artist had hoped?I don't know honestly.I just know personally in my life I have been so so so misunderstood as to my true meanings,paths and ventures.The method behind my madness so to speak.So as always be aware as to how you portray yourself as that you may alleviate some of these misunderstandings.Or stay in the misunderstanding as that may be your intent to be the type nobody really saw the genius in.All in all though given a certain situation remember there are a million variables allowing the room for misunderstanding to grow bigger by the second.Do with it what you will and enjoy your days.Live laugh and Love.....Life is too short.

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