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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Truth be Told

Art is a love.Art is a way of life.Something may take the arts from the artist but,will never take the arts out of the artist.Artist's are different in many ways then those that are not artist.The outside the box point of view.Every artist like every human is different.Every artist like every human is allowed a certain amount of freedom or freedumb.Every person given some self exploration has art instilled in them to a degree.All of us are capable of art regardless of how it is carried out.All of us are capable of overcoming life's circumstances given strength.There is a saying DO NOT FEAR THE ARTS FEAR THE ARTIST....This pertains to life in many ways regardless of if your an artist or not.The saying do not fear the arts fear the artist means something to me that may or may not be similar to what someone else thinks about it.To me this is a non-threatening statement only stating do not fear the piece of artwork itself or the symbolism within.Fear the imagination of the person creating and giving life to the things many of us choose to run or walk away from.In life this becomes relevant in the terms of education upon many other things but,Don't fear knowledge.Fear the person that has the knowledge to use to their advantage and progress farther than you in life.Something like knowledge though is so widely available that to me there is no excuse not to gain it provided you have an interest.And let me back up a bit by saying do not fear either in the sense of intimidation.Just be conscious and aware of your surroundings at all times understanding what you have accomplished and what you are up against.Do not fear something as in its literal term of being scared but understand the variables.Understand the circumstances.Be aware of what may or may not happen.Also be healthy about it try not to let it consume you.Something that consumes you even if it be art for example isn't such a bad thing but,To be consumed by something has its ups and it downs.I myself let things plague and consume me.I am only trying to give an explanation and encouragement.Life has a way of taking its toll.There are things just beyond are control but our reactions to these things is a some what conscious decision.You have a choice to embrace,be in fear,get angry,be happy,be sad or be motivated.The choice is yours do with it what you will.Life is your art make it a masterpiece! 

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