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Thursday, June 9, 2011

That Fine Line

As I was sitting here working on some public art proposals I am getting ready to do.I was doing all this fine line work.Line after line I had made a comment to someone.About being confident of myself and not cocky..As they and I both shared a laugh.Well then it hit these lines in life that like art or anything for that matter exist...The questions started flowing and I realized that there is a fine line between almost every opposite.That threshold that you cross if it be by lack of caring or by a conscious decision.Lets look at some.There is a very fine line between:Love and Hate,Confidence and cockiness,Gifts and bribery,Gain and loss,Up an Down,Positivity and negativity,and many many many others just let the mind wander.!?Where joy becomes job....These lines so often overlooked and crossed are always there and almost always have their own form of repercussion.One step forward or one backward and you have ventured from one side to the other.As an opinion we live life walking the line.Some strictly stay to one side or the other but life has a way of unbalancing us from one side or the other therefor allowing us to walk the line so as we can jump from one side to the other as a defense mechanism in a way.These lines are like state lines or the border to a canvas for framing as though they are not seen but do very much exist.The line between thinking and being neurotic.Leaving me with another couple of questions for you to ponder if you choose.When does the threshold begin?When do these unseen yet so well defined lines show themselves?With them being opposites you would figure well there must be a positive and a negative outcome but,Negativity may motivate someone and with everyone having a certain way of dealing or their own defense mechanisms well what may be destructive to one persons thought may not be to the next.So do we all carry our own set of lines?Are we all applicable to the same rules?And again without a response from the line crossing and without keeping it in mind all the time how do we distinguish just how close we may be to a line at any one given moment?If we all have lines existing they probably exist in different places for different people.Leaving it to the individual to figure that out.Does that line in a given situation describe you or your morals?Does that line like so many others exist simply to be crossed and learned by?As I release this random thought I think I am crossing a line.What does it matter?Some of this is common sense.But if I can get someone to ponder on a healthy thought or to be aware of the lines in their life or art well then I have brought someone to an understanding of themselves.Once we understand ourselves well we may make more conscious healthy decisions.So as I end this rambling I realized something else where is the line in humble?Is it just merely etiquette.If not etiquette well than at this point in my journey I have only to wonder if these imaginary lines make us who we are as people.And if they do I guess it is up to the individual to distinguish these lines and handle them or ignore them as they see fit.So hopefully there is some insight gained from this.I am not trying to confuse anyone.Just where I am in my journey well these thoughts arise from time to time.So enjoy your lines embrace them or ignore them but realize there is a fine line or a threshold to be crossed in almost every given situation if you choose to look for it.Thank you all for reading.Leave a comment and let me know what you think.The blog is now set up so everyone can leave comments.They have to go through a moderation process for profanity but I encourage feedback so please let me know what you think.C.Raab 

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