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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what language do you laugh in?

First off excuse my absence for the past couple of weeks as I myself am doing some heavy thinking and getting ready to do this blog thing full force.I will try to stay consistent as far as pertaining art to my random thoughts...But I am going to start touching subjects that may be a little borderline as far as life...

So back to the original question what language do you laugh in?We create barriers between ourselves.Sometimes being our own worst enemy.We all cry the same tears.We all bleed and breathe the same.This is not a racial thing either.This is a boundary we establish due to beliefs,thoughts and expression.I am judged on a regular due to the art movement and how I chose to express myself.Till people see the method to my madness they always tend to judge the book by the cover thus only creating a stumbling block in between us.We all laugh in the same language.We all want to be understood.We all on some level are judged due to whatever we may be doing.Be it jealousy in the artist movement.Be it track record from a dysfunctional past.Or  maybe just pure judgement from those who don't want to understand or have a complex about themselves like many of us do IF we look into ourselves deep enough.ME INCLUDED.Please don't misunderstand these blogs are only a perception that I pull from what I see or experience in a given day.And I see like minded people with the same goals detach themselves from one another due to whatever may cause it.We would be more positive and productive in the things we do if we could all understand ourselves and take the time to understand others.How can you judge a forest when your staring at one tree.We all laugh in the same language! Point blank and I in my own opinion am not saying we have to enjoy everyone we surround ourselves with but take the time to understand them before you block them out.Personally a couple of the most beneficial people to my process as I have gone through my trials and tribulations are people I never would have guessed would have been behind me.Where would I be provided I had chosen to judge them.Don't sell yourself short due to simple misunderstandings.We for the most part are all painting this canvas we call life and we all want a nice picture...Time to collaborate....  

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