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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Canvas is my muse

The canvas sits
The anxiety builds
As the paint hits
The canvas fills
Does the canvas understand
This deep seeded emotion
Started cause my mind was offhand
The canvas feels these laws of motion
Letting me release
This thing I cannot escape
Helping anxious feelings cease
The paint becomes the drapes
The colors have feeling
The canvas takes the pain
Takes everything I am dealing
Washing it away like the rain
These panic attacks drive me crazy
Therefor I turn to the art
Knowing that one day these silly feelings
Will one day depart
When they leave and allow me full life
I will still appreciate the canvas
For turning my wrongs into rights
And for giving me back the old chris
So canvas and paint
Thank you for being my muse
Taking away my mental restraints
Allowing yourselves to be used
To get me through the times
So short yet feeling so long
Taking these feelings of mine
And letting me know there not wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice that you have found something to insire you and helping other people, We all have something to offer to the world but most of to ourselfs.