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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Restriction on art

As an artist I find my often constricted.I try to go through the right venues only to be denied.?Now dont get me wrong I do not mind showing in galleries nor do I mind doing all my commission work which I am entirely grateful for but,when it comes to public arts I hit a brick wall.Many would agree if I can make it into the rock an roll hall of fame that well my art is good enough to be shown in a public area.And I only want to gain the acceptance for this type of thing to open it up for me and other artists.But at no avail I go through all the right channels and sure enough be it,the un-acceptance or narrow mindedness it always gets shut down.Now could I go to a larger city and do these things yes....But the key is opening the door!Every major city in every major state has in some way accepted the public arts.The thing that not only beautifies the city but provides the common folk with something awe inspiring to look at.Now I in no way justify doing this illegally nor do I plan on it but there has to be a way  to get public arts more accepted.There has to be.Anyone willing to help or anyone that shares the same vision let me know......C. Raab (seriously disturbed at close mindedness).........

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