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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deep poem........

As I draw what I feel
Then as I take another look
Realize that its all so real
Only being paper in my book
As it all takes shape
The paper starts its guiding
As I see where I have escaped
But from what am I hiding
The colors in themselves
All seem to take form
These thoughts I had stored on a shelf
As the paper seemed to scorn
The paper screams at me
Needing constant attention
It all seems to be
It was me screaming did I mention
But as I let go
The paper began to listen
Telling it what nobody knows
Paper knowing it wasnt fiction
The paper worked with me
As I would draw
Not ever judging the journey
The things that I saw
For this I am grateful 
Cause It is my only release
Letting me know I am capable
Of staying on my feet
So as I look at this sheet
Feeling it is way overdone
I see a little bit of me
Like the paper wanted to run
But it had stayed at my side
Through it all right there
This paper and I went for a ride
But it did not tear
And through this papers strength
There was one thing Id always see
As it had gone to great lengths
This paper was ME

.....Another original late night poem.....Sorry if it seems a bit dark but I am an artist and this is how I express myself...I hope you enjoyed and even better if you could relate......C. Raab (artisticneurosis)

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