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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The change of life

Lately I have been contacted by numerous sources that state the impact that the many publications that have been done or this very blog has touched there heart or they can somehow relate.I am only telling my story and as true as it may be it is only my story.I myself have underestimated the impact the human thought or words can accomplish.I have come to realize that the one thing I have misunderstood is that even though I don't think much about my hard knocks they hit close to home with other individuals.I just live my life with the thought that it is what it is and it will be what it will be.But the more I tell my story or share with others I realize that this is a tool that can be better used.I help people who have been in my shoes as often as possible.I try to provide good insight.I do to me what I consider natural or mutual respect so to speak.As more people relate or touch base to share feelings I would hope it heals all of us knowing we are not alone.Knowing that no matter how hard or trying life can be at times that there are others.In a time when we may feel so alone we really are not.I appreciate all feedback on my story or testimony so to speak.Alot of people say wow what a gift and I personally don't consider it that.I do not cut it short of a tool to help others or myself but I don't know that it is so much a gift as it is the fact that doing things alone is uncomfortable. I would have given the world for more people like me.I had the few for which I may not be writing now without.But all in all most of my journey was traversed alone.I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.I only ask to the people this touches, To spread your awareness and your stories and help others as I have because I am realizing that the impact is astronomical.The impact a few words or a listening ear can have are immense.And the stories we share at any one time may be exactly what someone needs to hear at any one given time.I have said this before and I will say it again being positive and constructive is contagious.Think about that and just as I have touched any of you...Go out in the world humbly and be there for someone else.It spreads like a pandemic.It is not a cure for the twisted world we are forced to live in nor will it make everything better all the time but, That one listening ear,That one heart touched,The one soul encouraged and uplifted is more than we could do for anyone.I appreciate all the feedback I have received via e-mail,phone,the few comments....Keep them coming people cause they help me as much as they help you allowing all of us to go out there and help others.Never underestimate the power of your story regardless of what you think of it cause it can change lives give new perspectives and as long as your being humble and honest well what more could we ask for in life.Thank you all again!

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