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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This reflection we see

As we look into a body of water we see a reflection.A version of us we choose to see based on what we see and feel.What do others see?Life is this body of water constantly reminding us of who we are and what we are looking at.Life being this body of water I know personally I have looked at it realizing it harbors many different things.This pond of life stares back at me showing this reflection that doesn't seem to resemble me at all.As I become irritated with this vision of me I am seeing so to speak I have kicked the surrounding land into this pond and my irritation in itself has distorted my reflection even more than before.As life or this pond starts to ripple I find my reflection becoming only more and more distorted.So as the pond calms a bit my resemblance of myself begins to reappear.Now slightly calmed I begin to analyze this reflection again.Realizing in many ways I am happy to have it back yet it does not portray me as I see me.Just before I make the decision to get angry and cause more ripples I had to realize I am in control of these ripples so to speak.I will have ripples due to outside entities but I can control the ripples I make thus distorting my reflection less as time goes on.Now the reflection in itself is only what I perceive it to be but,with life being this pond.And reflections being inescapable.Make the best of it be happy with what we have no matter how big or little that may be and realize if you keep making ripples it will become impossible to see yourself clearly.Make your pond and its surrounding area how you would like it and remember be happy with it because your the one that will be gazing into it.You can make it appealing to others but keep yourself in mind cause there will be passer byes of this pond as time goes on and you will be the one living near this pond forever.

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