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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A metaphor for the position I find myself in

So this metaphor is about a real life situation for which I cannot post to the internet.So like anything genius you find a way.Cause this personally has me in between genius and insanity...

To people that know me this blog entry will make perfect sense to those that don't know me personally this may create some confusion.

The story evolves as follows......Stay with me here.....Ok here we go.

So two artists choose to collaborate for reasons unknown to either of them but they get together to form this one piece of artwork.A masterpiece that is equally loved by both of them.They share this masterpiece till one of the artists realize that this piece of artwork can be manipulated by changing the frame they claim it as only owned by them.They refuse to admit the value of the other artists work.They then through the market for art at the time be it a incline or decline decide well this art can be used as leverage.As the artist that was left out feels torn and lost without this masterpiece in there life.Now in time the artist using the artwork as leverage may or may not have damaged the piece.But the artist that may not get the credit or the time with the piece they love so much loved remains in constant thought about this art.Almost an obsession so to speak as if this piece of art was a CHILD.As this person debates on what to do with the person holding this masterpiece as leverage.They become torn.Wanting to take them to small claims.Wanting to show the world what this art means to them.This artist has also hit a point of being lost.Understanding there is no way possible to recreate this piece again.Refusing to drop the thought of this artwork.The thought is in so many ways the jaded artists biggest blessing and worst downfall cause the thought isn't getting the collaborated piece any closer.Therefor killing the other artist.Pulling on the motivation.Damaging the artists creativity and imagination.So as time transpires all that is left is the dream that one day the artist will achieve this goal so to speak and have this masterpiece in the living room to look at.That the artist will be able to repair the damage if any.To people that know me this blog entry will make perfect sense to those that don't know me personally this may have created some confusion.This was not my intent this blog was a personal matter I had to get off my chest and I thank you for your time.C. RAAB

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