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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A simple love poem

Art is inspiration
That I use for a muse
Being a form of motivation
That I choose to abuse
As I pick up the brush
Vivid visions in my mind
Like the gentlest of touch
Almost confined as if Im blind
Almost taken through the painting
As if something was guiding my hands
Only left with no restraining
Onward begins these plans
Taking shape like a child
Growing in leaps and bounds
These emotions have compiled
Where colors should have sounds
The palette screams for attention
Just as much as the canvas
Taking on a whole new demension
You would have thought that I had planned this
As the end draws near
Not wanting to let go
As I have released this fear
Loving this one thing I know
This poem is original and was written at about 3:45 am and finished about 4:00am...Just an expression of one thing that has gotten me through so much in life.....Art is a way of life....Thank you for taking the time to read..

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